Apple TV Repairs

Being an Apple Authorised Service Provider iStore is the best place to get your Apple TV serviced. iStore uses Apple provided diagnostic tools and procedures to ensure we treat your device as Apple intended.

Getting your Apple TV Fixed

Bring your Apple TV in to iStore where it will be booked in to our service department to be assessed by one of our service technicians. Once a fault has been diagnosed we will contact you with a quote.

If your Apple TV is covered under warranty we will order a replacement unit from Apple and contact you when your new Apple TV is ready for collection.

Due to Apple's repair policy your device will need to remain in our service department for the duration of the repair.

Diagnostic fees and pricing

If your device is less than a year old, and the issue covered by Apple's Limited Warranty the service will be free of charge. If your unit was purchased in New Zealand and is less than 24 months old it may be covered under Apple's variable warranty.

For all Apple TV repairs – in or out of warranty – there is a $49 assessment fee that is applicable. If your repair is covered under Apple Limited Warranty, Apple Variable Warranty, Apple One Time Exception, AppleCare+ or Apple REP coverage, iStore will not charge the diagnostic fee. If a quote of repair is accepted and a repair is carried out by iStore, this fee will be put toward the final repair cost.

If your device has suffered physical damage or failed outside of warranty you can still get it serviced at iStore. Follow the link below to see our full list of Apple TV repair pricing.

How long will it take?

We aim for a service turn around time of 3 - 5 working days for Apple TV repairs, however this may vary depending on the current work load of the service department.1

Issues with 4K streaming?

In order to successfully play 4K HDR content from the TV app you must have a TV that supports HDMI 2.0 or later, a high speed HDMI cable capable of 4K HDR playback as well as a stable high speed internet connection capable of at least 15Mb/s (Apple recommends 25Mb/s).

If you are using Wi-Fi with your Apple TV 4K you may find that distance, interference and network congestion will likely cause playback issues. Try connecting your device via Ethernet to see if playback improves. If you are still experiencing issues, please bring your unit into iStore so we can confirm any software or hardware issues.

Before you bring in your device

Apple TV serial number

Before bringing in your Apple TV or Apple TV accessory in to be serviced please ensure that you have obtained the serial number for the Apple TV. The Apple TV serial number is found on the underside of the Apple TV, on your retail packaging or possibly on your sales receipt.

If you cannot find or obtain your serial number please contact iStore for advice on how to proceed.

Apple Account password

Before we can service Apple TV we may need to troubleshoot account and streaming issues. Please ensure you have access to your Apple Account used with your Apple TV so iStore can reset or restore your unit to help diagnose your issues.

More Services
Below are some of the other ways iStore can help you with your Apple TV experience.

tvOS Repair

Unfortunately software issues are not covered by Apple's warranty. Thankfully iStore technicians are highly skilled in diagnosing and fixing issues with tvOS. We will endeavour to repair your issues as quickly as possible and if the situation calls for it, we can restore your device to factory settings.

Please note that as of Apple TV 4K and later, software restores via a Mac or PC are no longer possible and a replacement unit may be required.

Apple Account support

If you are unable to purchase content, rent movies via the Apple TV App or update payment information, iStore staff can assist with ensuring your Apple ID is set up and working as expected. If you have forgotten your password we can also assist in resetting it using Apple’s online reset tools.

In some situations you may need to contact AppleCare for any serous issues with your account or security.

Apple TV Accessories

If your Apple TV accessory – such as Power Cable or Remote – is not working as expected you can get it serviced through iStore. In order for iStore to facilitate a repair or replacement of an Apple TV accessory we need to verify the product you use the accessory with. This takes a few minutes while we book in your faulty item.2

Just like with Apple TV repairs your accessory will need to remain in our service department for the duration of the repair however you may take your Apple TV away with you.

Insurance Assessments

If your Apple TV has suffered liquid damage or impact damage from an unfortunate mishap – or if your unit has been lost or stolen – iStore can provide an insurance assessment and send the report directly to your insurance company. Once approved we can service or replace your device and have you up and running again as soon as possible.

An insurance assessment requires a valid claim number and contact email address. We also require an insurance assessment fee to be paid up front, in most cases this will be reimbursed by your insurance company

Mail-In or Drop-Off your Apple TV

If you cannot get to our store, you can mail in your Apple TV to be assessed and repaired. Click below and select what you wish to have serviced.

Please complete the service request form and read the terms of service. Follow any instructions carefully and once completed, submit the form. Once you have submitted the service request you will be provided with instructions on how to send-in your Apple TV to us.

Alternatively, if you simply wish to drop-off your Apple TV and skip the book-in process, fill out the service request form that relates to your device and show us your confirmation email in-store.

Have a question?

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Select from the options above to fill in our Mail-In / Drop-Off form. For most accessories we require a test to be run on the device the accessory is used with. As you are submitting the form, you may choose whether or not you are couriering your device to us or dropping it off to our service location.