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If you are having issues with your devices or seeking support, booking a callout may be the best option for you. A callout allows you to see an iStore technician when and where it best suits you. Whether this be at home, work or assisting a family member who cannot get to our store.

From troubleshooting printers, network connectivity issues to restoring your iPhone or iPad, our technicians can assist with a wide range of issues without you having to bring your items to iStore.

Callout Fees

Our callout fees vary depending on the area our technicians are visiting. We charge an initial callout fee which covers up to the first half hour of the callout session. After the first half hour, we then charge in 30 minute blocks.

The callout fee is the minimum charge for all callouts, regardless of how long our technician is present at your location. Please ensure you are booking a callout for one of the issues listed on this page. If you don't see your issue listed on this page, please contact us so we can see how we can help. It still may be possible for us to facilitate a house call.

If your device needs servicing

Not all issues can be fixed on-site. In the event that our technician believes your Apple device has a hardware fault, they may terminate the callout and recommend your device be booked into our service department for assessment and repair. In this situation the technician will have you fill out or repair documentation and - if possible – personally collect your device and bring it back to iStore for service.

iStore charges a diagnostic fee for all in-warranty and out-of-warranty service jobs where a service does not take place.

Faulty Device Collection

If you are having issues with your Apple device, wish to have it serviced but unable to get into our store? Book a faulty device collection where we will send a technician to your location to prepare your machine for service as well as safe transport to our service location.

If you wish to have your device collected for service please select the service pickup option via the 'Book a Callout' and advise what device you are getting serviced. iStore will then contact you with the appropriate Mail-In forms.

What we can help with.
Below are examples of things we can help you with during your house callout.

Network setups

If you have just purchased a new device or set up with a new internet provider, iStore can help get everything connected. Our friendly technicians can make sure your wi-fi, network and device settings are configured so that you can get the most out of your home network.

Network Troubleshooting

As our homes are filling up with more and more devices, you may find issues with devices not connecting as expected or some devices dropping off the network. iStore technicians can help troubleshoot these issues and help rectify any network issues you may be having. In some cases we may confirm an issue with your Modem and recommend the next steps.

Printer setups

If you have just purchased a new printer and need help setting it up with your Apple devices, iStore’s technicians are the best people for the job. We can ensure your printers are installed and setup over your wired or wireless network. Many printers use AirPrint which make them compatible with Mac as well as your iOS devices, but if your Mac needs printer drivers? Our technicians will ensure everything is setup and ready to print and/or scan.

Looking for One on One Training?
See our in-store one on one sessions.

With other types of training you have a teacher and a class. We believe that the best way to ensure you get the most out of both our training and your device is to have a more personal experience.

When you book a One on One Training session at iStore you are the focus of the session. You get to ask your questions about your devices and with answers tailored to your experiences you’ll be an expert in no time.

iOS device restorations

If you are having an issue with your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and are unable to perform a device restore yourself. An iStore technician can come to you with all the equipment needed to perform a device restoration. Assuming there isn’t a hardware issue with the device, the restore will have you up and running again in no time.

macOS clean installs

If you need to clean install macOS but don’t have the resources to do so, or cant get to our store. Book a house call so an iStore technician can come to you and assist with the clean install. If we are performing a clean install because of a software issue, our friendly technician can set up your restore from a backup before they leave your location.

Malware removal

If you believe your Mac has been infiltrated by Malware our technicians can look through system and ensure macOS is clean and safe to use. We can then advise on how to reset any passwords for accounts you feel may have been compromised.

Syncing with iCloud

Many newly purchased Apple devices come with the ability for you to sign in to and use iCloud. iCloud is the name given to many services provided by Apple that can sync your data across multiple devices, share your photos, back up your iOS device and more recently even allow you to free up space on your Mac without losing access to your files.6

This is just a small part of what iCloud can do so book a One on One Training session with iStore to learn all about iCloud and it’s many features.7

Apple TV Setup with Home Theatre Systems

If you have just purchased a new Apple TV and have a home theatre /Hi-Fi system, an iStore technician can set the Apple TV with your system so you get the absolute best picture and sound quality possible.

Time Machine backups

iStore recommends backing up your devices. While you can use cloud services to do this, they often have limitations in terms of what they can backup. With Time Machine your Mac backs up your entire device’s drive, meaning you can easily recover lost files or your entire machine in the event of a hardware failure. You can book a callout and an iStore technician can help ensure your Time Machine backup is setup and working as expected.

Bluetooth Accessory issues

If you are having an issue with your bluetooth accessories or need to pair your bluetooth keyboard or mouse to your iMac, an iStore technician can come out to your location and fix the pairing issue. If a hardware issue is confirmed we can take the faulty product away for service via our service department.

Family Sharing setups

Family Sharing lets you and up to five other family members share access to amazing Apple services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade. Your group can also share iTunes, Apple Books, and App Store purchases, an iCloud storage plan, and a family photo album. You can even help locate each other’s missing devices.

We understand it may be difficult to bring all of your device into our service location in Takapuna. Book a house call so we can come to you where all of your devices are to ensure Family sharing is setup just how you would like it.

Coverage Areas
Hover over the maps below to see the full list of areas we can service for callouts.

North Shore

Green Zone

Browns Bay
Rothesay Bay
Murrays Bay
Mairangi Bay
Campbells Bay
Unsworth Heights
Schnapper Rock
Castor Bay
Forrest Hill
Wairau Valley
Beach Haven
Northcote Point

City Centre

Blue Zone

Saint Marys Bay
Viaduct Harbour
Mechanics Bay
Herne Bay
Freemans Bay
Eden Terrace

North West

Orange Zone

Herald Island

Hibiscus Coast

Purple Zone

Red Beach
Stanmore Bay
Arkles Bay
Gulf Harbour
Army Bay
Long Bay
House Callout Pricing
Below is the pricing list for House Calls and faulty product collection

Zone Pricing

Our callout fees vary depending on the area our technicians are visiting. We charge an initial callout fee which covers up to the first half hour of the callout session. After the first half hour, we then charge in 30 minute blocks.

The callout fee is the minimum charge for all callouts, regardless of how long our technician is present at your location. Please see the pricing below for the coverage zone you are situated in.

See the zone pricing below.

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Zone Price
Green Zone $99
Blue Zone $135
Orange Zone $135
Purple Zone $180

Session length Price
First 30 minutes Included in Callout
Every 30 minutes after first half hour $90

Faulty Product Collection

If you are seeking to have your device serviced at iStore and wish for us to send someone to come and collect the unit for you, you can book a faulty device pickup. After you have booked the product collection, iStore will contact you with the appropriate mail-in form and confirm the repair details.

iStore can deliver your machine back to your location for half the price of the collection fee.

See pricing for the faulty product collection below.

Book a product collection now
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Service Type Price
Device Collection $90
Device Drop-off $45