Service Department

Fix it!

Our in-store service department aims for the fastest turn around time possible for any repairs required on your Apple gear. We can service Apple devices that are inside or outside of Apple's Limited Warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan (some exclusions my apply)

Online Tracking
you can track your repair process at any time by creating an account on this website with the email address you gave in-store. Details for your repairs will appear under the  account section. ➜

Mail-In Repairs
If you cannot get to our store, you can mail your items in for repair. Please print and fill out and sign both the Mail-In Service Order Form and the Conditions and Terms of Service page then include it when sending your gear to us. Please make sure you have backed up your device before sending it in.

If you are sending an iPhone, iPad or iPod, please turn off Find My iPhone in Settings>iCloud>Find My iPhone, or remove it from the device list at, or provide your iCloud login details on the Mail-In form.

Download the forms here:  Mail-In Service Order Form and Conditions and Terms of Service ➜

Our Apple Certified Mac Technicians can repair your Mac using Apple genuine parts and procedures. When you bring your Mac in to iStore, our front staff will be able to run a quick diagnostic that will help identify issues straight away. We can then book your machine into service for our technicians to diagnose and repair. This includes hardware or software repairs, inside of Apple Warranty, AppleCare Protection Plan, Consumer Law Coverage if applicable or outside or any coverage. Any Software repairs or data recovery carried out is not covered and labour rates will be advised. Your computer will need to remain in our service department for the duration of the repair, an estimated turn around time will be provided to you upon booking your Mac into service.

$90 Diagnostic Fee:
For out of warranty machines, iStore requires this diagnostic fee to be paid up front as a bond for repair. If you accept the quote for the repair, this fee will be subtracted from the total cost of the repair. If the quote is declined, or your machine has suffered liquid or impact damage and is deemed uneconomical to repair, this fee stands.

Some services we offer:
- Desktop and Notebook hardware repairs 
- Battery and adaptor testing and replacement
- Memory (RAM) upgrades (Apple RAM Only)
- Hard Drive / Solid State Drive replacements (Apple Hard Drives only, upgrades not available)
- Data migration or recovery (Software recovery only)
- Software configuration and repair 
- OS X Repairs, Re-installation or Clean Install

iPhone, iPad & iPod
iStore can service your iPhone, iPad or iPod and related accessories in-store whether it is inside or outside of its Apple limited warranty. Out of warranty hardware, battery or physical damage issues can be rectified with either a repair or a replacement device for a service fee. Please contact us or drop in with the serial number of your device and we can advise on the best options available to you.

We strongly recommend running a backup of your device to iCloud or iTunes before visiting us and to make sure the Find My iPhone service has been switched off under your iCloud settings to make sure the book-in process is fast and efficient.

More details for iPhone repair can be found here:  iPhone Repair

$15 iOS Device Assessment Fee:
This fee is payable if a repair or replacement is not facilitated by iStore for any reasons including but not limited to; 3rd party modifications or repairs, a quote for repair/replacement is declined or no fault is found with your device.

iStore is able to service selected Beats Audio products. A proof of purchase is required when booking Beats products into our service department whether inside or outside of warranty. Please contact us before bringing your Beats product in for service as there are some exclusions.

Apple Watch 
iStore is able to service Apple Watch and accessories. Please contact us or drop in with your device and we can advise on the best options available to you. We’ll courier your Apple Watch to Apple’s Repair Centre where Apple will determine the repairability of your device, diagnose the fault and either repair, replace, quote for repair or return your Apple Watch when applicable. Your Apple Watch will be returned to iStore, usually within 7-10 business days of your dropping it in to us, and we’ll notify you when it's ready for pick-up. When you bring your Apple Watch in for service please bring the iPhone it is paired to as we will need to un-pair the Apple Watch from the iPhone before booking it in.

$15 iOS Device Assessment Fee:
This fee is payable if a repair or replacement is not facilitated by iStore for any reasons including but not limited to; 3rd party modifications or repairs, a quote for repair/replacement is declined or no fault is found with your device.

Important Note:
As part of our diagnostic steps we may need to erase all content and settings on this device or restore it back to factory settings. Please make sure you have made appropriate backups of your data. 

We can service most accessories for Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod or Apple Watch. Please bring your device as well as the accessory into our store, our front staff can then run some preliminary diagnostics to determine what item needs to be booked into service. If your accessory was bought stand alone, i.e. did not ship with a device, please bring your proof of purchase and the device you are using the accessory with. Accessory service/replacement is subject to the same turn around times quoted for Mac repairs.

Some accessories we can service:
- Apple MagSafe and USB-C Power Supplies
- Apple Mice and Keyboards
- Apple Lighting, 30 Pin or USB Cables
- AirPods, EarPods and In-Ear Apple Earphones
- Apple USB Power Supplies
- AirPort and Time Capsule
- Apple TV and Remote

Insurance Assessments
If your device has suffered liquid damage or impact damage from an unfortunate mishap, we can provide an insurance assessment report and liaise with your insurance company direct. We can then repair or replace to get you running again as soon as possible.

$90 Insurance Assessment Fee:
For an Insurance assessment, we require a valid claim number and contact email address. We also require this insurance assessment fee to be paid up front, in most cases this will be reimbursed by your insurance company. 

Out of Warranty Rates
Diagnostic Fee - $90
Hourly Service Rate - $180
macOS Clean Install - $45 
macOS Repair or Upgrade / Windows Installation - $75
Insurance Assesment Fee - $90
Mobile device service fees vary.

We aim for a quick and quality service. Turn around times may vary.
All service work undertaken on behalf of the client by iStore New Zealand Limited (“iStore”) or its employees, contractors or related companies is subject to the current terms and conditions of service and terms of trade.